Who is creator and How

   Manusmriti is the only Vedic script which gives full process of creation of the cosmic form which was not in existence. How it was brought up in existence with the help of the five elementary sources like Water, Air, Fire, Earth and Sky. These five elements and Ego, presence Him, still unknown to me, may for everyone. Creations came to existence in different ways. Four kind of ways are described as the scientist have explained within 400yrs as regards present research. Though it was explained 5000yrs before, more years ago. In the same manner the claim of tree and plants are living creatures, it’s breathing process was explained well. 84 lacs kind of all these creatures are recognized that time when Western world was not able to to speak or write a single word.

   Why I am writing this? I want to say that when whole Earth wasn’t so civilised we we have explained the cosmic existence including the everlasting rules for society without any dicrimdiscrimi of human races. All discrimination were explained as regards the ability of individual not Caste or Creed. Latter on the cunning people have missleaded the society, rulers of that time.

   Human were given a way of life, Varnashrsham were four, life to live in four stages called four Ashram. It was the process of collecting knowledge of individual’s experiences of working, worshipping etc. The Vedas are sources of this knowledge, eplaiexpl by Brahmrishi Manu. This guidelines were misinterpreted latter on, so Lord Krishna have explained in Shrimd Bhagavd Geeta. The same matter of knowledge was explained to Arjuna in the mid of war of Mahabharata. The second chapter of Geeta the whole knowledge of Manusmriti is available. Total eighteen chapters are there, which are the base of all religions of history, have come to existence. Basic of all are the parts of Geeta’s different chapters. Truth, Love, none-Violenc with respect for all, though any one may be having faith on God or himself having no faith on God. Everyone can follow Geeta’s different kinds of stuff, explained in it without any discrimination of Caste or Creed.

   It is not a way of thinking but it’s a way analysis of a action taken by someone. The basic of human behaviour in living on earth is dependency on each other to be secured. The basic guidelines given in the beginning of civilization as I have explained above was dependency on each other. Those who workout on the creation of whole cosmos and then about creatures created by nature, a idea behind it is a creator, unknown source, the power which can create, maintain and destroy them all, too.

   We people of Bharatvarsha having such way of relief for presence situation created by some foolish leadership of nations who are so greedy as well as egoistic, too.

   The whole way of relief is in Gandhiniyan Ideology if anyone is interested to follow it, sincerely. I think everyone don’t want to spoil the future of this Earth as well as the civilization of human race.

   Let’s come together and win the challenges which have become part of the life.